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Linking Unmanic Installations

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Multiple installations of Unmanic can be linked, this allows the distribution of tasks to be processed.

This guide will describe the use of a main installation with access to the library, with a remote installation that does the work.



  • At least two installs of Unmanic:
    • One install will be called main, this has access to a folder with files to process.
    • The other install will be called remote, this has to be reachable from main but does not require access to the files. Files will automatically be transfered from main to remote and back.


  • On main, setup a Library following the normal instructions. Let us call the library Guide.

  • On remote, create a new library. The name of this library has to be exactly the same as the library in main, in this case Guide. You can either export the library from main and import it on remote, see tip below, or set it up manually. This library only needs plugins for making changes, i.e. encoding. "Scanning" plugins, such as filter by size, are not needed.


Library name must be identical on both installations.


It is recommended to create a new library for this, instead of using the default library.

  • Link the installs:
    • On main, add remote as remote installation and enable "Send tasks to this installation when workers are available". "Preload some tasks on the remote installation Pending Tasks queue" is optional.

Pending tasks on main should now be sent to remote. This may take a few minutes, depending on network speed.


You can export the library configuration from main using the export button, copy the code shown in the panel that opens.

You can then use import on remote, paste the code you got from main.