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Running a FileBot Post-processor

Difficulty Setup Time

Follow these instructions to configure the Unmanic Docker container for running FileBot as a Post-processor function.


1) Enable FileBot in the Unmanic container

The Unmanic container does not have FileBot installed out-of-the-box.

You will need to install it into the container during container startup.

  1. Create a file inside the container /config/
  2. Inside this file append the following contents:

# _____ _ _ _ _
# | ___(_) | ___| |__ ___ | |_
# | |_ | | |/ _ \ '_ \ / _ \| __|
# | _| | | | __/ |_) | (_) | |_
# |_| |_|_|\___|_.__/ \___/ \__|
# Flag to easily disable installation on startup
# Define software versions (only used for legacy installation)
ARCH=amd64 # (amd64, 1386, armhf)

if [[ ${INSTALL_FILEBOT} == 'true' ]]; then
if ! command -v filebot &> /dev/null; then
# 1. Import signing keys
apt-get update
apt-get install -y --install-recommends dirmngr gnupg apt-transport-https
apt-key adv --fetch-keys ""

# 2. Add deb repository to sources.list
echo "deb [arch=all] universal main" | tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/filebot.list

# 3. Update package index
apt-get update

# 4. Install dependencies explicitly (otherwise apt-get autoremove may purge them)
apt-get install -y --install-recommends \
default-jre \
openjfx \
mediainfo \
libchromaprint-tools \
p7zip-full \

if [[ ${INSTALL_LEGACY_FILEBOT} == 'true' ]]; then
# 5. Install FileBot legacy version
mkdir -p /config/filebot/
pushd /config/filebot/
if [[ ! -e /config/filebot/filebot_${FILEBOT_VERSION}_${ARCH}.deb ]]; then
curl -kSL \
-o /config/filebot/filebot_${FILEBOT_VERSION}_${ARCH}.deb \
chmod a+rw /config/filebot/filebot_${FILEBOT_VERSION}_${ARCH}.deb
# apt-get install -y openjdk-8-jdk-headless libjna-java
apt-get install -y /config/filebot/filebot_${FILEBOT_VERSION}_${ARCH}.deb

# 5. Install FileBot from repo
apt-get install -y --install-recommends filebot



It may take some time for this script to complete the installation of FileBot and all of its dependencies. During this time, Unmanic will not start, and the web UI will not be accessible. Be patient, it will only need to run this installation the first time the container is started.


You can configure the script in the following ways:

VariableSet ValueDescription
INSTALL_FILEBOTtrue / falseEnable / Disable the script
INSTALL_LEGACY_FILEBOTtrueInstall the legacy version of FileBot link rather than the latest release
ARCHamd64 / 1386 / armhfSpecify the hardware (x86_64 / x86 / ARM) version of FileBot (only required when installing the legacy version)
FILEBOT_VERSION4.7.9Specify the version of FileBot to download (only required when installing the legacy version)
  1. Restart the container

During startup, this script will install FileBot if it is not already installed in this container.

2) Install the 'External Post-processor Script' Plugin

Open the plugin installer and install the plugin named 'External Post-processor Script'

3) Configure the 'External Post-processor Script' Plugin

Once installed, click on the 'External Post-processor Script' Plugin icon.

Click on Settings

4) Enable the 'External Post-processor Script' Plugin

In the Plugin table, enable the configured 'External Post-processor Script' Plugin

Plugin Config Examples

Here are some examples of what FileBot can be used for in an Unmanic Post-process...


Rename TV Shows with the correct codec in the file name:

Run the command for each output file created by Unmanic


Command or script to execute:
Arguments to pass to the command or script:
--conflict skip
--db TheMovieDB::TV
-rename "{output_file_path}"
--format "{n.upperInitial().space('.')}-{s00e00}-{t.upperInitial().space('.')}-{source}-{vf}-{vc}"