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Dashboard Workers

What Are Workers

Workers carry out the main processing against your tasks. Your workers run simultaneously, and you can configure Unmanic to have up to 12 concurrent workers at any time. The number of workers that you choose to spawn should be determined based on your needs.

While the workers are executed concurrently, they are designed to each execute commands as sub-processes in parallel with each other worker. This means that the processes executed by each worker are not bound to a single thread and will work in true parallelism.

It is recommended when configuring the worker count, to start with one worker initially, and then increase this value slowly until you find the right balance of system resource use and task processing speed.

Worker States

Workers can be in a number of states:

Processing - progress knownBLUE (percent shown)
Processing - progress indeterminateBLUE (progress dialog spinning)
Paused - idleRED
Paused - processingRED (progress dialog spinning)


An idle worker is ready to accept another task from the pending tasks queue as soon as one is made available.

Processing - progress known

The worker is currently processing a task. The progress of the plugin's command is able to be parsed.

Processing - progress indeterminate

The worker is currently processing a task. The progress of the plugin's command is not able to be parsed.

Paused - idle

The worker is paused, and it currently has no task.

Paused - processing

The worker is paused. It does currently have a task assigned to it being processed.

Worker Status

You may expand each worker card display more in-depth information about its current status.

Once expanded you will see, among other things, a live stream of the current command's log output.

You will also have an Options dropdown for pausing/resuming or terminating this individual worker and its current subprocess.